Grian Energy's High Speed Solar Transport is a unique and innovative approach to high speed magnetic levitation transport.

Grian Energy's approach is to create a capillary system for the world. Transporting passenger and cargo traffic simultaneously with the capability of a data and energy distribution grid for the world. The HSST will be energy independent, generating all needed energy from solar arrays and wind turbines mounted on the tubes. Modular slide click technology makes field wiring unnecessary. Tubing made of glass that will last for centuries-- no rust, no paint. Segments engineered to seat into one another, secured at the seam with a stainless steel and silicone clamp.

Passengers will ride in a glass pod, enjoying 360 views, an LED interface, sound and light controls, and spacious seating. Each pod will carry no more than 8 passengers. The system will make use of small stations with parking lots right outside the door. The stations will be a depot for electric vehicles that passengers can utilize when arriving at their destination, all as part of the cost of their ticket. The stations will also feature small scale cargo depots, allowing for rapid distribution of supplies and other precious cargo.

Decentralized infrastructure will keep maintenance, innovation, and ease of use at a maximum. System management controlled by Artificial Intelligence as defined by system designers and real time consumer feedback. Public lands along route will be transitioned into wildlife sanctuaries.

Unlike our competitors in the field we will not be creating a dangerous vacuum, will not use environmentally susceptible steel tubing, we will not create airport like train stations--thus maximizing efficiencies so as not to detract from the gains made by the high speeds of the transport.

High Speed Solar Transport

Lower cost-- both infrastructure and operation

Greater efficiencies

Safety-- passengers will ride in a breathable atmosphere

Simple design using readily available raw materials

Built-in sustainable energy with solar arrays and wind turbines

Renewable energy distribution for the people

Existing interstates serve as the foundation for the tubes

Wilderness protection of existing right of ways

Low ticket prices

Reduction of world CO² emissions over 40%  or more possible

No steel tubes

No vacuum

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