Grian Energy is led by Daniel Lucas, the inventor of the HSST and LCT. Mr. Lucas has spent 30 years as a technology and system integration entrepreneur. His companies include Lucas Computing, Lucas Security, and Cestek, LLC. Leveraging his vast experience and skill set, he forged into the renewable energy market forming Grian Energy, LLC in the summer of 2020. Every project at Grian Energy begins with imagination and patience, taking the time to develop concepts fully before committing maximum effort and drive to manifest the conception. Determination while never accepting failure, completing projects with a focused attention to detail, always striving to satisfy client expectations are the tenets at the core of Grian Energy.

We have created hundreds of integrated systems using numerous technologies: networking, computing hardware, software, digital video, access controllers, alarms, radio telemetry, building materials, hardware, custom fabricated components, and extensive field engineering. Grian Energy has just established its company headquarters in Windham, Ohio in our new multipurpose facility on a 37 acre campus.

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